We are a three-piece (guitar, bass, and drums) band based out of Peoria, Illinois. Our set list covers a wide variety of blues, rockabilly, classic and modern music ranging from Johnny Cash and Elvis to Matchbox Twenty, John Mayer, Tom Petty, and REM. You just might hear Willie Nelson and Weezer back to back.

Compiling a “set list” always seems kind of silly. For one thing, we don’t follow one – we are guided by our moods, whims, requests, and what type of crowd we are serving. Secondly, a “list” always seemed too finite. We are always adding, changing, discovering, and learning. Our sets change constantly and, sometimes, spontaneously.

The band is simple and to the point… stripped down, but not stripped out. We play for the sake of playing and we love music. We approach cover songs with care and respect, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Above all, we have a great time. Please join us!


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